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Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Just A Talk


If you watched Gilmore Girls, you'll understand why I feel like Pasquale. If you didn't (or need a refresher), allow me to explain. At the beginning of this episode, you can hear a man (Pasquale) shouting and see things being thrown out of the shop he owns. Loreli tells Miss Patty they just had "Stars Hollow loves Pasquale day last week," and questions his behavior. We then see Loreli go in to the shop and sweet-talk Pasquale.

If that was clear as mud, I basically mean that, I feel underappreciated. Every now and then, I let this be known in a Facebook rant (hey... you have your outlets, I have mine) and this gets people to notice me for about a week. No, I don't need constant attention or loads of praise, but I have 115 friends and things I post get one, maybe two "likes." More often than not, one is a miracle.

I wish Facebook was the least of my annoyances. I have a few friends who, after I do my rant, will text once or twice. Usually these texts will include an insincere "let's hang out" or some other empty promise. Granted, I have a few truly good friends who I can rely on, but most are outside the state (one in South Korea!). Side note: Yes, I appreciate any and all contact with friends, I just wish I had friends who would jump the same rivers and valleys I do for the friendship.

Home isn't too fabulous, either. My mom will talk to me, but my father is a whole other story. He complains constantly that I don't talk to him. He's right, usually. The reason I don't talk to him is because that's all it is. I talk, he shovels food in his mouth with the occasional "mm-hmm." He doesn't converse. He doesn't understand that a conversation is two or more people. When just one person talking, it's a monologue. Wait, he does understand this concept, but only with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, or, well... everyone else. And he wonders why I gave up...

Friendships are like plants. You need to put effort into them, because if you ignore them, they die.

I'll just leave this here...
"How To Save A Life"~ The Fray

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