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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Y'all got me to over 30,000 views today!

So, I worked out some of my religious issues with my friend in Preston, England and managed to get myself to church last Sunday. Let's just say it didn't go well. I could give you my rant about Utahans, but what good would that do either of us? All I'll say is that not one single person talked to me or even acknowledged my existence. Even when three people bumped into me, I was invisible.

Needless to say, I'm not itching to go back. But I made a vow to myself to give church three good tries, so I'll try two more times, and if those bomb, I'm going the way of my friend in Texas. He never felt at home in a church, so he says his relationship with God is an internal one. Personal rather than going to church. Not going to church doesn't mean you don't have faith. Some belief systems have no organized churches. Doesn't mean there's no faith.

I've said before how faith in whatever you choose is crucial to your mental wellbeing. I choose Christianity. I frankly don't care if you worship the fly that landed on your food... just have faith in something. Practice your faith daily. Make it the most important part of your day. Make it enjoyable. I personally find solace in prayer and scripture study. It makes me feel like I'm not being judged for just a few minutes a day. Whatever you believe, act on it. Faith isn't stationary.

(I'll try to make this segue work, but no promises...)

Another thing that is crucial to your mental wellbeing is your physical wellbeing. I learned that Alcoholics Anonymous has the anagram HALT. It stands for four things you should never let yourself get too much of-- Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.
  • Food is big when it comes to controlling your moods. We've all heard of getting hangry. It's not good. Lower glucose foods can help even out moods. A good way of thinking about it is "What can a diabetic eat?" 
  • Try to control your anger. Don't indulge it because acting on anger only increases the emotion.
  • Always have a way to contact a friend. Even texting can help.
  • Sleep when you're tired. Naps aren't just for kids.
I've been exercising lately, too, and it's done wonders for my mood! I've got more energy, my depression is way down, and my bum leg is getting stronger! I may even be able to dance again eventually!

Now that you've been reading for three and a half hours... my point is take care of you. Spiritually and physically. You'll feel much better.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jobs and dates and meds, oh my!

Ok then...

So I just got fired from a job I hadn't even really started yet. I was still training. Why? Because my therapist doesn't want me working more than two 4-hour shifts a week and the minimum to work at this place is two 8-hour shifts a week. I was told that I would be OK working those two short shifts, but the assistant manager had other ideas. 

I'm not bitter or anything. I get it. You're trying to run a business and if my availability doesn't fit your needs... I'm just upset because now who's going to hire me at that little time per week?

Needless to say I didn't have the best day. Today is turning out much better! I exercised for 40 straight minutes and made brownies. I'd call that productive! 

I've been exercising for four days now and I'm feeling pretty good! Well, exercise plus the right mix of meds. I saw my med manager today and was finally able to truthfully tell her we'd found the magic mix! Usually she makes me come back once a month, but this time I get to go back in two months! Things are finally looking up! I was even able to go on a date last night!

Bad segue in 3… 2… 1…

I should mention that my blog turned two years old a couple of days ago. There's no way I would have kept going without you lovely readers. You are the ones who keep me going. My most sincerest thanks go out to each and every one of you! I've had the pleasure of seeing visitors from countries all over the world. I seriously never would have thought that anyone would be interested in what I write, let alone all over the world!

Just, thank you!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Shh... Listen


So my parents have callings in their church and they talk about it all. the. time. When we sit down to dinner? They're talking about it. Trying to watch a movie? Something will pop into their heads and we have to pause the movie to talk about their callings. My favourite is when they sit there and repeat the exact same conversation they'd just had not one hour ago. 

I pointed this out to them tonight. They don't believe me. 

I get it. It's a part of their lives. I'll tell you this much, if I talked about my mental illnesses that much, they'd get real tired of it, real quick. And why shouldn't I? It's not just part of my life, it's part of me!

Best part is when either one of them starts repeating the same thing for the fourth or fifth time and I say "I know. You already told me." Suddenly I'm the bad guy and they get all huffy.

I don't talk much. Considering that I come from a very talkative family,  that's not terribly normal. But you know what? I've got more to say than people realise. I've just learned to shut up because nobody listens to me.  They're all too busy talking about their work or their callings to listen to the few words I have to say. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How To Deal With Us


I know this is a new concept for some, but when a person you're with suddenly and unexpectedly changes mood, there's a reason. Ask what that reason is. Now, you may get your hand bitten off, but that person will appreciate the sentiment anyway. The person having the moods doesn't mean to hurt you, but their internal pain tends to come out in caustic words or actions. Try not to hold these things against this person. This person wants to be heard but may not have the words he or she needs to explain what's going on in their head or body. Give them time and space to calm down then ask again what the matter is. When this person talks,  no matter how hard it is, LISTEN! Don't give stories about Suzy Smith who felt this way once. Don't interrupt. Don't try to finish this person's sentences when they are having a hard time finding words. Do ask questions. Do offer a shoulder to cry on. Do be sympathetic.

This isn't too hard to grasp, right? We can all tell when our happy friend or family member suddenly gets depressed for seemingly no reason. Is it really that hard to ask what's wrong? 

I know mental illnesses are scary, but I'll tell you one thing... The people living with these illnesses are a whole lot more scared than you are. If you don't deal with any mental illness, you have no idea what it's like fighting your own brain every single day. Give us a break once in a while when we're cranky and ask what's wrong.