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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Easy Target

I give.

I've been bullied my whole life in every situation. We all know about Brooke in school and at church. I got one day's rest from that on Saturdays. What I never got a rest from was my sister. To this day she takes pride in tearing me down to make herself feel superior. 

Then came the time for me to work...

My first job, I worked with a "friend" of mine who made sure that I knew I wasn't as good at the job as she was. 

Skip ahead a few years to when I was working a book store. I was constantly berated because I wasn't reading as fast or as much as everyone else. Then there were two of the managers... They wouldn't let me take bathroom breaks, gave me extra work with unreasonable deadlines, and openly made fun of my weight. One night, I was about to get off shift when one of them said, "Rie can do it." This was a job that would have taken over an hour and I was off in ten minutes, so I said in the nastiest tone I'm capable of, "Nope. Rie is off in ten minutes."

Then I got a job at a music/movie store. Not long after I started, one guy quit and I was constantly reminded that he quit because he didn't like me. Even the store manager told me this. Now, we were allowed to pick the music played in the store as long as it didn't curse. I made a near fatal error by stating that I hate Frank Sinatra. So I got ripped apart for my taste in music. Then came the fun part... I got made fun of for being a Christian. Make fun of muslims and all hell breaks loose, but Christians are fair game? 

I suppose I'm too quiet and a bit naive. I find bullies everywhere I go. I'm a perma-victim. Yay me. 

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