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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Who Knew?

Well that was eye-opening...

My new med manager likes to run blood tests on new patients. She's got a form all ready with everything she wants checked. So I was a good girl, got my arm invaded with that pointy thing that I refuse to say, and got a blood draw.

When she got the results, she called me. Everything was fine with the exception of one hormone that I didn't even know women desperately needed. My testosterone level was at a 3. Normal for women is 50. 

Wanna take a guess at what low testosterone levels can do? It increases depression. Big time. 

Wanna take a guess what contributes to low testosterone? Birth control. I'm on a shot that's stronger than the pill, therefore causing lower and lower levels.

Wanna take a guess at the cost of an FDA approved testosterone replacement? Three hundred dollars every three months.

Wanna take a guess at how screwed I am?

I've got an appointment with my OB/GYN to discuss other birth control options. I'm not holding my breath, honestly, but we'll see. 

So if your depression seems to just hang on too long, ask your doctor to check your testosterone levels. Could do some good for women and men.

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