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Friday, August 21, 2015

Friends, Blogs, & Stuff


At this very moment, even as I type, my "sister" is moving her things out! Let the bells ring out, let the music play!  She's gotten a place of her (and the husband she's apparently reconciled with) own and I get my safe zone back. Everyone wins!

For the first time in nearly six weeks, I feel like I can breathe! I feel... happy. This is strange. I'm not sure what to do with it. Usually when I think I'm happy, I'm really just manic. I don't think I've been truly happy in years. Side note: I could very well be manic now, but I'm not arguing this time.

Bad segue in 3... 2... 1...

Since joining Twitter (@AROTBEblog), I've met some really cool people. I generally don't care much for technology, but the internet can connect people from all around the world. You never know who you could connect with. I'm rambling, so back to my point...

I read these blogs almost religiously and the people who write them are quite possibly the most amazing people on the web. Check them out!

Jazz: https://orangelikejazz.wordpress.com/
Meghan: http://www.alwaysunstable.com/
Spenser (who I've actually known for 14-ish years!): http://darkesthourbrightestday.blogspot.com/

There are a few others I read, but I'd much rather have permission to post the links than just do it.

"I'll Be There For You"~ The Rembrandts

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