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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Come again?

There are definitely things that people do and say that can (and definitely have in the past) set me off and I'm sure it's not just me. Granted, a lot of these things are said with the utmost concern and sincerity, and I try to keep that in mind, but some people are just trying to "fix" me and that is not alright.

"You're sick." -- Wow... what a revelation.

"Turn that frown upside down!" -- I'll turn your head upside down if you say that again.

"Have you tried therapy?" -- No. I've never thought of that. Thanks for the idea.

"What about a support group?" -- Umm... did you miss the part where I don't show emotion?

"What medications are you taking?" -- Ok... 1- none of your bleeding business, and 2- you wouldn't know what they are anyway and the resulting explanation would confuse you and infuriate me.

"I've never seen you be, you know, bipolar." -- What does that even mean?

"I know how you feel." -- Don't... even.

"Maybe you should try (insert remedy)." -- Yes. And maybe you should try (insert expletive).

Like I said, a lot of things are said in sincerity, and those people who say them mean the world to me! And honestly, I have a couple of friends who don't say anything about it and that's an incredible relief from the constant questions and depressing conversations about how screwed up I am. I greatly appreciate both sides!

I've been feeling very down the last few days and am starting to come back up. Let's hope I come up fast. I start a new job on Monday!