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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weather tis nobler...

"Rain, rain go away. Come again another day."

I wanna talk about the weather, and no, I'm not just trying to make small talk.

Weather affects us all, and all in different ways. Some may get excited for snow while others dread it. Same with rain, summer heat, or the chill of autumn. This is perfectly normal. I, on the other hand, can tell you exactly what my mood will be when watching the next day's forecast.

Rain: I love rain. Always have. Always will. When it rains, I'm at peace; relaxed. If I'm feeling manic, it brings me down, if I'm feeling depressed... well it still brings me down, but a good down. It kind of takes the despair and turns it into a longing. Funny thing tho: I don't know what I'm longing for. A mystery that must be investigated!

Snow: No two ways about it... I. Hate. Winter. I'm okay if I'm inside with a book, fire in the fire place, and a blanket, but don't even think about making me go out in that cold unless you want sarcastic comments, the "snapping turtle" treatment, or a fit pitched.

Summer heat: Nope. Once the temperature (in Fahrenheit) gets above the speed limit on the freeway, I'm done. And I'm talking city speed limit, not middle-of-nowhere speed limit. 65 Fahrenheit and I'm done. More than that and I'll be unbearably cranky all day.

Autumn: Oh sweet perfection, how I do love thee. For the (maybe) two months of autumn we get here, I'm in heaven. There is nothing I love more than driving around in the Fall with my window down, arm out, and One Direction blasting from the stereo. Unless you change out 1D for Nick Santino...

Anyhow, my point is, weather affects how I feel more than most. It's been raining here for the last few days, and I'm just sitting here... trying to figure out what I want. It's like the clouds are scrambling my brain. AH-HA! That's it! The clouds were created by the government as an experiment on how to get people to... Yeah. Even my sarcastic and twisted mind can't finish that...

If the weather affects you in any way, please comment and let me know I'm not just a weirdo :) 

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