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Friday, August 7, 2015

No Words

What just happened?

I went to a new doctor this morning. Going somewhere new is always an adventure for my blood pressure. My anxiety spikes, leaving my hands red after just ten minutes of wringing. Add the twenty minute drive into downtown, and well, I don't even want to be around myself.

Here's where our adventure begins...

On my way down, The city bus decided to stop right in the middle of the lane, forcing those of us following to go around. I was half way 'round when the driver thought "now seems a good time to take out a tiny red car." I had to floor it so as to not get hit by him or head-on with the car coming from the other side.

Needless to say, I was already a bit wired when I got to the massive complex that contains every doctor you could ever need. Yes, pointless info. Deal with it. I had to ride the elevator with five people who had absolutely zero concept of personal space, and the old man in the back decided that those of us up front should have waited for him to get off first. Anxiety spiking...

When I got to the desk, I was prepared for the typical apathetic, all-business robots that run the medical field. I just about choked when the woman at the check-in was, get this, smiling!!! Then... she kept doing it while she checked me in. Weirdest part: she said more than was necessary to do her job! Actual conversing!

I was made speechless when the nurse was as, if not more personal than the lady at the desk! Granted, we found something in common right off the bat. Never underestimate the power of Doctor Who. The thing that knocked me down was the doctor (no pun intended). He was just like the nurse and desk lady. He listened to what I said, explained any question I had, and I kid you not, spent an entire hour with me! Usually, doctors rush you out the door (faster if you have Medicaid), but he made sure he went over the form I had to fill out before along with anything else.

I have found the best doctor in the world! I have no faith in any other doctor, but hey, I got the good one! I can count this as a good day.

"Perfect Day"~ Lady Antebellum

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