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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Am I Clear?

Shove it.

I am tired of people using mental illness as a scapegoat. The Oregon shooter was not mentally ill; he was mentally disturbed. These two things are not interchangeable. Saying that every mass shooter is mentally ill does absolutely nothing but incite fear. Yes, I have Bipolar Disorder, no I'm not going to shoot anyone. This concept is grasped only by those who suffer with mental illness and have no homicidal tendencies.

Bad segue in 3... 2... 1...

In recent days, I've had some people tell me to "suck it up and get a real job," "suck it up and call *insert person/company here*," and a few other things. I posted in the Facebook group, "I'm sorry... Exactly how is anxiety "crap" that needs to be "cut"? I didn't ask for this. My symptoms get in MY way a butt load more than they get in yours. I'm sorry that I can't always keep appointments or set "hang out" times, but telling me to "cut the crap and come hang out" is no way to make me better and it most definitely won't make me like you very much." Some of these have been in jest, but some are genuinely ignorant.

Anyone who suffers from any chronic illness, can attest to the pure debilitation that can happen. Physical pain, although invisible, can keep someone from getting out of bed. Mental illness, also invisible, can render someone useless. When I have to make a phone call, I have to mentally prepare myself. This can take two hours... on a good day. When going to work, I have to get up three hours before just to prepare myself. I met with my friend yesterday... I nearly called it off because A- I had to see someone, and B- we met in a very public place. Side note: we met about our upcoming YouTube channel! Fun to come!

In conclusion, you wouldn't tell a diabetic to "suck it up" while in DKA (*Diabetic Ketoacidosis), or a cancer patient when Chemo is needed. Why, then, tell someone with an invisible illness?

Rant over.
"I'm Doing The Best I Can"~ Gary Allan

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