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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Going Nowhere Fast

Stop and go, stop and go.

Have you ever been stuck on the freeway in rush hour traffic when you're slowed even more by construction or a wreck? Annoying, isn't it? You stop and go and get up to maybe ten miles per hour. Then there are the times where you really get going and you think it may be over, so you get your hopes up just to have them smashed when you see brake lights in front of you.

This is me right now. I'm still mixed, but there are tiny rays of normalcy that pop in every now and then. I felt good for ten whole minutes today, so I got my hopes up. Down they crashed as I started to feel every emotion known to man swimming through my head once more. 

It's draining. Wanting to cry, laugh, scream, and party all at the same time drains me both emotionally and physically. I'm tired. This is one fight that just may get the better of me if it doesn't end soon. 

I start school next Wednesday, and I'm scared that this episode won't be over before then. Worst part is that I have no idea what to do for it. My meds are stable now and I've been dorking out with Harry Potter movie marathons, but I just don't feel any better. 

If you pray or drink, make it for a better tomorrow.  

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