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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Going, going...

This is likely my last post. I get very little feedback and it seems like nobody cares anyhow. Nobody ever shares on Facebook, rare are the retweets, and even more rare are comments. 

My goal when I started this was to both educate people on the realities of Bipolar Disorder, and possibly help people feel not so alone. It seems I have failed in at least one of these things.

I'm a simple girl. I don't require loads of attention. Once in a while, though, it would be nice to be appreciated. I made a group on Facebook where people could come ask for advice, tell stories, and ask questions. Ninety-nine percent of what is posted there is me.

I guess I was hoping to connect with people through my blog, but all I've achieved is gaining real knowledge that I am, in fact, alone.

I'm alone in my good times, alone in my bad times, and alone in my illness.

If I have affected you at all through my words,  I beg you, stand up and say something. Make me believe I'm worth something.


  1. This is what you're feeling now, but don't trust it. I read your blog and you have more views than ever. Don't sweat the rest. I'm for you girl. Do it first and foremost for yourself.

  2. I read your posts every time! Keep it up! You are making an impact in this world!