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Thursday, September 15, 2016

First Day

Told ya.

School started yesterday. So that's a thing now. From finding a parking spot to the end of my third and final class, I was overwhelmed. Stress isn't good on anyone, but add mental illness to the mix and you're bound for a bad day.

I found out that even though I go to the school instead of online classes, everything is still done online. All my homework, instructions, everything. I'm a techno idiot. I know how to check my email, Facebook, and blog. Other than that, you can forget it.

I dropped faster than a falling star when I got home and I'm sure I was less than pleasant to be around. I was depressed, I was tired, and I didn't want to talk much. I got online to try to figure out the stupid system I have to use for homework and just about threw my computer at a wall. Then I met up with my Thursday evening friend (it was Wednesday, I know. Deal.) but we cut it short since I could hardly keep my eyes open.

When I got home, I took my meds and went straight to bed. Ok, not straight away. I talked to my mom a bit about how stressful the day had been, then I went straight to bed. It was a quarter to nine and I didn't wake up until twelve hours later.

All I can say is that this better not be an every school day thing. I'm not particularly looking forward to tomorrow,  but I'll go anyway. "Give it the good college try" as they say. Prayers and good vibes are always welcome.

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