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Monday, December 19, 2016

Thanks Amber

I'm going to catch flack for this post, but it has to be said.

I have played clarinet since I was eleven years old. My elementary band teacher kind of sucked, so I didn't learn to play very well. I was last chair from sixth grade all the way to my sophomore year of high school. I got lessons that summer and jumped to second chair, not only in the school, but in the district. I was actually good! I absolutely loved to play! Well... until my senior year. That's the year my band teacher taught me to hate music.

My high school band teacher has always played favourites. It's a well known fact. Another well known fact is that I was never one of her little pets. In fact, she disliked me. I have no idea why or what I did to make her feel that way toward me, but the fact remained. There are several accounts which prove my point. Allow me to explain...

Junior year I was second chair. Second in charge. Our section leader was going to be out for one of our pep band events (a football game). Teacher left third chair in charge. I don't know why, so don't ask.

Junior year during the musical... She sees Brad and Kathryn bullying me. She sees me in near tears. She ignores me. I felt like I couldn't go to her because I knew her distain for me. I couldn't tell her that two of her pets were bullying me because she wouldn't have believed me anyway.

Senior year I was supposed to be first chair, but once again, she doesn't like me. She takes, get this, fourth chair and puts him as first because "he's been taking lessons." I started lessons long before he had, and during the semester, I still had to teach him things. I was better than he was, and she knew it.

The worst offense, however, came near the end of the first semester. We were having a sectional out in the hall (that's where all the clarinets get together to practice our parts). I was goofing off with one of the sophomores. This one guy (we'll call him Princess although his name was Matt) thought we were laughing at him. Wait... he thought I  was laughing at him. Me. Specifically. So he goes and tells teacher, who then proceeds to berate me and demean me right in front of everyone. Me. Not the sophomore who was also laughing with me. I try to defend myself, but she wouldn't let me. I quit after that.

Amber Tuckness is nothing more than a bully.

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