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Wednesday, May 31, 2017



I haven't posted in nearly two months. I just haven't had anything to say, I guess. Nobody has said anything to me about missing my posts, either, so...

Last Friday, I got a brand new car. I'm talking BRAND new. It had a whole ten miles on it when I signed the papers. Needless to say, I was excited. Well... until Sunday night.

I started thinking about my old car. All the things I'd done with it, all the places it took me. Worst part: there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. I'd had that car for nine and a half years and I was running on the original battery. That's unheard of! Sure it sucked in snow and the horn reminded me of Fran Drescher, but it was a great car! I started to feel like I'd betrayed my best friend. Just tossed it aside in favour of something shinier. So I had a bit of a meltdown.

Now I had a decision to make: keep the new car or return it and get my baby back. I thought about it all night and weighed the pros and cons of both. I loved that car, but the new one won out.

Monday morning, my parents and I went back to the dealer. We asked if they still had my license plates and one of the sales people went to find them. He was able to find them and gave them to me! Then we asked to see my car again and they were more that accommodating! They took me to it and even opened it so I could sit in it! I was able to say a proper goodbye to the thing that had been my everything for nine and a half years. 

This may all sound stupid to you, but I loved that car. Now I get to grow to love another one. And if you're in the SL valley and are looking for a car, I'd HIGHLY recommend Mark Miller Subaru! They bent over backwards for me!

Here's my baby when she was new in 2008. Goodbye baby.


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  1. It is amazing how much things can become a part of our life. I am glad you got to say a proper farewell!