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Friday, July 21, 2017


Another one?!

I've got six weddings in three months and every one of them is significantly younger than I am. I just went to the wedding of a girl I used to babysit! And I'm still single.

It used to be that I'd get hit on by every guy in the room, but since I got fat, nobody takes a second look. I don't really blame them. I mean, I'm not particularly attracted to fat guys, so why should the guys I'm interested in be attracted to a fat girl? Not to mention my style now. I wear whatever fits. I used to be very well dressed! 

I've been going to the gym lately. I can't do much yet, but I still had to tighten my belt today. That should help, right?

I joke all the time about how I'm going to die alone, but the truth of the matter is that I'm terrified of just that. I'm terrified that, when my parents are gone, I'm going to be completely and totally alone.

I get that I have issues. Those aren't going to go away. But isn't there ANYONE out there who can deal with me?!

So now I'm sitting here crying because I'm so effing jealous of all these people I should be happy for. 

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