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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Stress Mess

So. Much. Fun.

Stress is a fact of life. Some have daily stress, some are blessed with just occasional stressful days. Wherever you are between those points, you’ve experienced this super fun thing.

An awesome thing about mental illness is that stress pokes its ugly head into our lives in so many different ways. Personally, it makes me manic. What you don’t see is the physical effects.

A little over a year ago, I had to get a new mattress. I wound up with a Tempur-Pedic. “Ooh! Fancy!” Yeah. And expensive, to boot. It was designed to mould to your body and straighten your spine. That’s all well and good... unless you’re stressed. Stress has a tendency to keep your muscles from relaxing. This is a massive problem for something that only works when you are, well, relaxed.

In the 13 months I’ve had this mattress, I’ve spent about 2 months in my recliner all night, and about 8 months having to spend part of the night out in the chair.

Best part: it’s not paid off and I’m already looking forward to the day I can get rid of the evil thing. I. Hate. It. It’s really fun in my case because, when I don’t sleep well, the mania gets worse and hangs on longer.

In closing, never again will I buy anything Tempur-Pedic. Ever.