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Friday, July 15, 2016

Mood Swings Suck


Dear mood swings,
You are unwelcome and incredibly ill-timed. Here I am having a grand old time with friends, and you have to come in and mess everything up. One tiny trigger and boom! Depression's basement.

I've been feeling good lately and you had to come in an ruin it. Why can you never mind your own freaking business?! 

In closing, mood swings, we need to break up. I'm over you and have moved on. I'm in love with stability so lose my number. We're over.

Seriously! I'd been fine for weeks, then out of nowhere I get manic. Minor, but still noticeable. Then a couple days later, I'm having coffee with two of my good friends and I dive right down to Hell's pit. I'm sure they noticed. I hate this! I'm on meds for a reason. They're supposed to keep me from these infernal swings.

I'm seriously about ready to cry I'm so frustrated. I've been enjoying my little piece of normal and it's been ripped away from me in the most obnoxious way known to man. No warning, no hints that these were coming. Just hit me like a bus.

I've always been rapid cycling. I can change moods three to five times each day when I'm not on meds, but the annoying this is that I am on meds now. I'm beyond tired of this up-down-up-down nonsense.

I just figured out why this is happening... I feel like a friggin genius.

Ladies, does this happen to you or am I just blessed? I'd like to know if any of you lovelies get this way. I've always known that my mood swings were drastic. That's why it's been such a hard road finding the right meds. Ladies, do your meds prevent PMS mood swings or do you feel like I do?

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