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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Blast From The Past

Well, that was unexpected...

I went to my high school reunion last night. I initially didn't want to go because I've always seen reunions as a way for people to brag about their successes, but it wasn't like that at all. Yes, people talked about what they're doing now, but it was never bragging. I didn't really get to talk to very many people, but some were quite surprising. The best part: I wasn't the only single, childless person there!

It was quite eye-opening. Most people have grown out of the whole, "judgmental teenager who cares more about how they look than about how they treat people," and "my parents don't understand me because they're crazy," but some haven't. The friend that I went with pointed out that, generally speaking, the people who were shallow in high school were the ones who stayed fit, but the ones who were nice, gained weight. Side note: the awesome exception was that Brooke, the bully, is twice what she was. I couldn't stop smiling all night!

I thought I wouldn't get through the night without my friend Xanax, but it was actually fun. Not gonna lie, Xanax helped make it fun. It made me not really care about the fact that there were way too many people for the space we had. I even found a way around my lack of employment! I just told people I do photography and run a blog! Only two people asked what my blog was about, so it wasn't too uncomfortable!

This is the song that was huge when I was in high school.
"Boulevard Of Broken Songs"~ Green Day/Oasis/Aerosmith/Travis/probably someone else

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