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Friday, November 6, 2015


Feeling the love.

I've always thought that wishing someone happy birthday simply because Facebook tells them it's your birthday was an easy way out. The truth of it is, that even though they see it pop up, nobody is obligated to say anything. I got quite a few Facebook messages as well as texts from friends and family, and every one was appreciated!

Bad segue in 3... 2... 1...

I'm not totally into the whole zodiac thing, but I'm a scorpio; queen of grudges. My sister is a virgo, but she's definitely out-grudging me. I told you a while back that, when she had me backed into a corner, yelling at me, my brain reacted and I kicked her. To this day, I swear it wasn't me. Anyway, that was back in August and she still isn't talking to me. I made a gesture of nice-ness by leaving something for her at her apartment. I've heard no word of thanks.

I've been working on not holding grudges. It's no secret that my father gets on my nerves. Plenty of times I've given him the silent treatment or held onto that annoyance for far too long. I've been trying very hard to turn it around and let things go quickly. I had a point here... I forgot where I was going.

Anyway, since I've been working on not holding grudges, I feel loads better. The tension in the house has decreased as well as my personal tension. When I can turn it around quickly, it's like a tiny personal victory. To me, every personal victory is one step closer to total self-control.

"Let It Go"~ Demi Lovato

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