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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Self Control

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There are very few things we actually have control over. Those with mental illness tend to have even less control. I've found a few ways to maintain control over myself.

Since graduating high school, my hair hasn't remained the same color for more than three months. Actually, it's usually more like two. I do mostly reds and browns, but at the moment, it's brown, blonde, blue, and green all kind of streaked together. Home-done bleach job gone bad, but I hear it looks cool!

I also have this thing with socks. Yes, socks. When I was seventeen, I vowed to never wear traditionally matching socks ever again. Since then, I've justified my mismatched socks by patterns, solid colors, ankle/knee-hi, and even just because they came out of the same drawer. Side note: I have four, count em, four sock drawers.

Even blogging helps me maintain self-control. I get to say what I want, and if I don't like the way a post turns out, I delete it. Yes, there are many posts that you lovely people haven't seen.

My point is, you need some level of control over yourself to be happy. Everyone does. From the way you do your hair, to what you do for work, to... well, so many other things!

"No Control"~ One Direction

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