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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Please Help Me

What's a trigger?

I've heard people talk about things that trigger them. My therapist has asked what my triggers are. To be honest, I have no idea.

I can read someone's depressive post and feel nothing but empathy. I simply don't understand why it triggers others. I want to understand so that I can do what some others do and put "trigger warnings" on my posts. Please help me understand. Please join the Facebook group and post your thoughts.

I was talking with one of my therapists (yes, I have two), and she pointed out that I have an emotional trigger: my sister. It's not a mood trigger, but talking or thinking about her can make me angry. But my moods seem to kind of decide for themselves. My cycles have either decided to even out or I've gotten better control or awareness. Random thought, deal with it.

Even with all the books, therapy, and personal experience, there are quite a few things about Bipolar Disorder (and mental illness in general) that I'm still in the dark about. Triggers are just one thing I can't seem to understand.

Random song day...

"I Just Wanna Run"~ The Downtown Fiction

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