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Friday, April 1, 2016

Black Sails, White Rabbits Pt 1

Chapters 1-10

I began reading today, and all I can say is wow! Ok, it's not all I can say. In fact, I have a lot to say.

Kevin A. Hall first hits us with a true, and slightly terrifying example of what it's like inside one of his episodes. To feel like you're constantly being watched, let alone filmed is just a scary thought to me. This type of thinking/symptom has been dubbed the "Truman Show Delusion." If you've seen the movie, you know why.

From there, his account gets incredibly personal, revealing, and blunt. From what the episode looks like, to the cops, to (and I quote) how fun it is "to just stare deeply into the little cup at the pills and see how agitated you can get the orderlies before finally tossing it all back like a shot of tequila." I laughed a little too hard at that part.

Kevin is open about, not just his battle with Bipolar, but his bouts with cancer as well. He bluntly states how, "...hearing about how something must have 'really taken balls' doesn't clang the same way it clangs once you have none."

I don't fully understand everything Kevin has gone through, not having gone through it myself, but the same mania and depression exist in all those diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. His sense of humor in the dim light of his circumstances, I believe, is something we can all learn from. I look forward to reading more of this incredible (and funny) story!

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