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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Black Sails, White Rabbits Pt 2

Chapters 11-20

Dude... you just put words to every one of our feelings. "I gritted my teeth and pretended I didn't have feelings..." I don't know about the rest of you, but I've felt this way my whole life. Well, the majority of it anyway. When you're punished in some way or another for having emotions, you tend to grit your teeth and pretend you don't have any.

In some of the later chapters, we get to hear more about Kevin's adventures with cancer. How on earth he could stick to his medication regimen and stay mentally healthy while going through a hell like that is way beyond me. Kudos, man! Not being a man myself, I can't even imagine the emotional trauma of losing something like that. And wanting to get right back up to training right after surgery?! Good night, man! I can't decide if this man is a masochist or someone to be admired!

Basically, I'm in awe that, through all the physical trauma of cancer and surgery, Kevin maintained his mental health. This is something I have personally never been able to do. If I even get a cold, I get so annoyed and want to stop my meds. I guess I have nothing to complain about now.

This book and this author continue to inspire me. I may be slow at reading, but that just means I get more out of it, right?

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