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Friday, January 22, 2016

More Therapy


I started physical therapy a few days ago because I've been having pain in my knee again. It's really exciting, especially when my knee gives out. Such a thrill.

ANYWHO... my physical therapist told me that my knee hurts partly due to inflammation in my patella tendon and partly because the muscles in that leg are practically useless. Since my surgery five years ago, I've babied it so much that I never regained and kind of muscle strength. So he gave me a few exercises to do every day as well as a few I'm only allowed to do every other day.

As you can imagine, I was pretty bummed that I can't use my treadmill. I was finally in a rhythm and I thought my leg was doing better (I was wrong, of course). At PT, I use an exercise bike. Everyone who has ever ridden a bike knows that it builds muscle in your legs. Well, the only one in our house is circa 1970-something and incredibly difficult to adjust for seat height. Since my dad uses it every day, it was going to be quite a chore to move it for my five-minute-per-day workout. Solution: Get a new one.

Have you ever looked at the prices of exercise bikes?! It's insane! Well, we looked on a local site where people sell things. We found a very gently used, one year old bike for quite a steal! I couldn't actually believe that my parents would get this for me, so when my dad and I went out to look at this bike, I wasn't expecting to take it home. I mean, my parents have other, more important bills to worry about. But alas, it is now sitting in my bedroom and I'm SO excited to get my legs as strong as they should be!

Thank you mom and dad!!!!
Here's the song that has been stuck in my head...
"Cinderblock Garden"~ All Time Low

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  1. Cool, I need to try this (the PT) myself -same reason, almost exactly...