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Monday, October 10, 2016


I can do this.

So I'm ridiculously early for class today. We're talking forty-five minutes. I walk into my classroom and my teacher is sitting at his desk. He asks how I'm doing and all the other niceties, then came the ever dreaded presentation...

I was terrified of what he'd say, so I braced myself, but what he said was actually doable. He said that I could just be up front doing the slides, but to make up for me not talking, I'm to write a one to two page summary of what our presentation was about. That, I can do. I mean, come on. I'm a writer. It's what I do.

So here I am, talking to you lovelies in an empty classroom. I've got math homework that I need to do, but I have exactly zero idea how to do it. Fractions are not my friend. Especially when I'm trying to find x. If anyone is fabulous with algebra and has Skype, I'd love to connect. I feel like I can't keep bugging my friends who have been helping me all semester.

Bad segue in 3... 2... 1...

I've been looking at apartments near my parent's home for when I finally get disability, and I think I've found the perfect place. It won't take up all my income and it's a really nice apartment! I don't want to move too far from my family because I still need that support system, but I mean, come on... I'm almost thirty years old. It's time to move out of my childhood bedroom.

I've always been ridiculously independent. When I was super tiny, my mom tells me this story of when we were hiking. I fell and my mom asked if I wanted her to carry me. My response? "No! My do it!" So to be at this age and still relying on my parents for everything is not cool in my book. It's not fair to them, either. I'm just hoping disability comes through quickly. I've been waiting for over a year already.

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