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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Enough Already!


So since the doctor in the emergency department told me to get off one of my meds (it was making me crazy!), this infernal depression is back. I've got one of those "happy light" things, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I've been pretty low for a few weeks now and I'm beyond tired of it. Now add on top of that the fact that I'm sick.

It started yesterday and just got worse today. This is the second time in six months that I've gotten sick. I don't get sick! What? Are these viruses on steroids or something?! The only times I get sick are when my allergies act up in the spring and fall. Before this last bout I had during last semester, I can't even remember the last time I was actually sick.

Depression already has physical effects. I don't need my head to be some kind of stuffed, useless ball along with it. 

I haven't been dealing with this very well. It's making me cranky and making my depression worse. I'm trying to not bite heads off, but I know I have a few times. 

In other news: I went for an intake appointment at the biggest facility in the valley today. I got all my paperwork done then I was supposed to see a therapist. My dad and I sat waiting for this therapist for very near an hour before finally leaving. Needless to say, I called another, smaller clinic when we got home.

They made me wait there an hour and a half total, while I feel like death, for no reason whatsoever. As my mom said... bad business. They knew I was coming and they weren't prepared. I won't be going back.

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  1. That is just horrible all around. Man... where are all the good providers/hospitals? I hope you start feeling better soon. There has been nasty colds, sore throats and flus going around over here. Not fun at all with all this snow. I am so over the snow and cold season.... please spring come soon.