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Friday, February 3, 2017



So I'm not in the best  of moods today as it is. I managed to force myself out of the house to have lunch with my parents, but on my way home, everything and everyone was getting on my last nerve. The real fun began in my neighbourhood...

I was coming along the main road to my house, when a sorry excuse for a man that I know comes and makes a left turn right in front of me after looking right at me! I've never liked this guy. He's rude, self-centred, and not the type to help you out unless you're popular in the area. He snapped my very last nerve, so I flipped him off. He then proceeds to follow me home and shout, "Was that really necessary?" Are you freaking kidding me?! Don't you dare bring your holier than thou attitude to me! So I shouted back that he saw me coming. He tried to deny it, so I told him that he actually stopped, looked right at me, and kept going. I slammed the door after that.

I don't hate many people, but the way this sorry excuse for a man has treated my family is unforgivable. And this isn't the first time he's pulled a left in front of me! This has happened at least five times before. So do I feel bad for flipping him off? Not for a second. 

On the bright side, my dad and I moved some very heavy furniture around right after I got home, so that got rid of all my angry energy!


  1. We have a guy like this across the street. He freaked out when we went with white shingles to save on cooling in the summer. We were ruining the neigborhood. The same thing when we painted our shed green (he prefers red). He's always yelling at us and our guests (he's really scared some of them). To top it off, he's threatened to kill our dogs even though it's the people behind us who leave their loud dogs out all day. Just a jerk.

  2. He's also come into our yard and refused to leave while yelling at us. I chased him out once, and he's not tried that again. He doesn't know I wouldn't hurt a fly.