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Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Here goes nothing other than a couple hundred bucks...

Since I lost part of my hearing, I’ve been doing the best I can learning American Sign Language with the help of a printed dictionary as well as a dictionary app. I took  two years of ASL in high school, so I know the basics, but I will never sign properly. 

ASL is a language all its own. It’s got different sentence structure than we English-speakers are used to. I’ve worked on Spanish, Italian, and Dutch, but have yet to grasp their sentence structures. So basically I’m stuck using ASL signs in English order. This will inevitably irritate at least ninety percent of the deaf/hard-of-hearing community. Ask me if I care. As long as I can understand the sign, communication will be attainable.

I had an idea (which will also irritate signers everywhere) to make music videos using sign. This will basically be me doing the best I can while asking the community for help refining my skills. I’ve gotten myself just about everything I need to do this, including a tripod, microphone, and an actual camera bag to carry everything.

So, if you happen to be a signer (deaf or hearing), I could really use some help. I will continue to lose more and more of my hearing and will need to be able to communicate. Yes, I could take classes, but I dare you to do that when you, A- have exactly zero dollars, and B- can’t be around people for that long or that often.

I will set up an email to go along with my (attempt at a) YouTube channel for corrections, suggestions, or any help you can offer. All will be appreciated.

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