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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Scholastic Endeavors

The feels!

I'm twenty-nine years old and I finally feel like my life is beginning. Last week when I saw my therapist, she suggested I go to school for social media marketing since I've built up my blog and done so much on my own. Problem: there's only one school with an associate's degree in social media marketing and that school happens to be a strict LDS (Mormon) school. I have to live a certain way and get endorsements from two of my church leaders. OK, so maybe not so much a problem as it sounds, but I'm getting increasingly more nervous that I'm not going to be getting the endorsement I need from one of them. Why? I made the mistake of being honest and telling him that I currently drink coffee. Yeah, I'm a genius.

Side note: For those who may not know, the LDS people aren't really supposed to drink coffee. What can I say? I'm a rebel.

Anyway, I'm both excited and incredibly nervous about starting school again for several reasons.
  1. I'm almost thirty years old and everyone in my classes will be eighteen.
  2. I've never been good at school. I never had good study habits and most of my homework never got done.
  3. The classes at this school are super small (or so I've heard) and that means I'll be noticed and called on to answer things. Can you say "panic attack"?
  4. I'm excited because maybe, just maybe, I can finish something for once in my life.
My parents never got to see either of their children graduate high school, so I'm hoping that I can get through this so they can see me walk at graduation. They deserve it.

I need all your prayers/good vibes/whatever that I get this endorsement and then get accepted to the school. Thanks in advance! I guess y'all are psychic and read this before it posted because I just got the call that I got the endorsement!!!


  1. You'll do great! I'm 54 and sometimes take college classes with 18 year olds, never a problem. Sometimes I'm not the oldest person there, but I usually am. Lots of people in their 30s at the school I go to. (Ivy Tech Community College *The* 2 year state college in Indiana)

  2. Don't worry about the student age difference. You have a quick mind plus experience that the younger students don't have.

  3. I actually graduated from ASU late in life and have always felt blessed that I completed a live long goal. I used my education more than I thought possible in many aspects of live including employment. Good luck, one step forward!