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Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm In Math Class

I should probably  be paying attention to class...

I'm sitting here at school and I just had the inkling to write a post. Basically I wanted to thank everyone who stood up and told me that my blog affects them. I've got friends who aren't even affected by mental illness who read every post. They never "like" it or anything, but they've told me that they like reading my posts.

I even had one stranger on Twitter tell me that my blog is important.

I guess I just feel like nobody really cares because I don't get comments. It's hard, you know, to put your heart and soul into something and get little to no feedback. I guess I'm going to just have to accept that some people are too afraid to comment or simply have nothing to say. Yes, it annoys me that other blogs get hundreds of comments and mine has less than fifty on all my posts combined, but I'll just have to deal with my lovelies who read silently.

Well, not "deal" with you lovelies. I appreciate every single view. Lately I've been getting nearly a thousand views per day. Y'all are going to crack fourteen thousand this month. That's a new record.

I know I say this a lot, but thank you. I would have quit years ago if it weren't for you.


  1. Tsk tsk. You should be paying attention... Haha but I'm no better.... I'm over here trying to do homework but instead I am looking at your blog. Hey and I even created a google account so I can finally post a comment on here without issue.

  2. we love you lady. your posts are always first thing I read once I see them

  3. we love you lady. your posts are always first thing I read once I see them

  4. Love your blog! I know what you mean though, I had a total existential crisis over lack of feedback for my blog and then the feedback I did get... Phew. You write from your heart, girl. It is beautiful. Don't sweat the numbers!

  5. Don't worry, I don't comment on blogs all the time, but I do read your blog! Yes, it is important. I don't get many comments on my blog either, I get excited when I do though!