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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Being Sick

Well this is fun...

I've been sick for six days now. I thought it was just an allergy attack, but apparently it's a virus. Yay... Best part: it got to my asthma and now I'm coughing up a lung. It started with two days of sore throat, two days of my sinuses congested, then moved on to hacking up a lung every time I coughed.

Since I thought it was just allergies, I took decongestants to keep it from going into a sinus infection. A lot of decongestants. And for those who may not know (like me...), decongestants are very powerful uppers. I was sky high! My heart rate was between 95-100, and I couldn't sleep because I was so manic.

When I finally broke down and saw the doctor, he put me on prednisone. That's a steroid. Do you know what steroids do to normal people? It makes them moody. Can you imagine what it's going to do to me?! I have school! I can't be flying off the handle at every little annoyance! I took my first dose last night, so I guess I'll just wait and see how it affects me.

Before I knew it was a virus, I was around a lot of people. I saw two friends and went to the opera. Yes, the opera. Carmen. It was really good! So now I'm just waiting to see if either of those friends get sick and I pray they don't! I'm not entirely sure exactly how contagious I was with just the sore throat... But the people at the opera were much worse off with me coughing all through the thing.

Prayers and good vibes always welcome! Here's to a quick recovery.

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