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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Blame Game

Why me?

I get blamed quite a bit for things I didn't do, and people tend to assume that I'd do something that I never would. It's always been annoying. Today it comes to a head.

Now, I can't remember every single one of these since it happens so often, but I'll give you a few insights.

A few days ago, my mom accused me of using the money she had given me for school on other things. She knows clear and well that I don't! Naturally, this accusation caught me off guard and it took some time to forgive her for thinking that way about me.

My Bishop (the leader of my congregation) threatened to make me speak during church, but he qualified it with "as long as you don't berate them the whole time."  Excuse me?! You obviously have no idea who I am...

As I posted a while back, my high school music teacher berated me in front of my entire section because she believed the word of a whiny, attention-seeking sycophant when he told her I was laughing at him. I was, in fact, goofing off with someone (who got no punishment, by the way...). 

My favourite,  however, was when I was twelve (I think...). I was on the school bus, waiting to go home. I was talking to my friend when the bus driver gets up and starts yelling for me to get off. She accused me of some terrible things including cursing at her as I got off. I have no doubt that Brooke had something to do with this. Side note: it was against policy for her to kick me off. She lost her job not long after that for other similar offences. 

I get so tired of people accusing me just because I'm there. What, am I just an easy target? Do I have a mischevious face? What makes people believe I'm capable of terrible things?!  

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