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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Opera Drama

No more people. Please!

So my entire family went to see Man Of Lamancha done by the Utah Opera today. Since this particular episode isn't technically an opera (it's a musical), it was a full house. Full house in that theatre means we're cramped in there like sardines. Hardly any room to breathe.

Before the show, we waited in the lobby. Can I just say that people are loud? They have absolutely no consideration for anyone else, they'll shout over one another, and someone touched me! Never, ever touch me if you want to keep your hand! 

During the show, I was able to focus more on it rather than the hundreds of people surrounding me, except for the guy behind me... Every time he'd clap, it sounded like a .44 magnum going off right next to my ear! If you haven't caught on, I don't do well with loud noises. 

After the show, my mom and I found a hidden restroom which was far from populated. The time spent in there allowed many people to leave the theatre. I was happy with this. Then we got to the lobby... There weren't anywhere near as many people as there were before the show, but they were even louder! How?! Why?! Do you really need those on the space station to hear you?! I was getting extremely agitated and was just about to scream "shut up," but I talked my parents into leaving first.

Getting home was like coming home after a long trip. I was still slightly irritated, but the amazing dinner my mom made helped with that. Now my mom and I are sitting here watching NCIS and life is as it should be once more. There is balance in the force. Voldemort is defeated. The Doctor has saved mankind.

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