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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bed Time

As I lay me down to sleep…

We've all seen the memes that point out that our brains go into hyperdrive as soon as we go to bed, right? We all know this to be true, and tonight is no exception for me. I've got so many things running through my head right now and I'm supposed to get up early to go hiking with my dad in the morning. 

So what's keeping me up? My nasty aunt, for one. I mean, this woman is bossy,  cranky, and the most ignorant person you'll ever meet. She's one of those "mental illnesses aren't real. They're just in your head" kind of people. I know hatred is a waste of energy, but I straight up loathe this woman. I always have. I had to see her this week, so that's why she's on my mind.

Then, my sister posted this meme about watching the backs of people who have yours, and that we all need to remember this. I was less than kind when I commented that maybe she could remember that next time I call her. She never answers my calls. Never. She rarely answers my texts. She is, however, glued to her phone when her little friends are having issues. Apparently my issues don't matter.

Add those annoyances to the already stressful week I've had and you get a late night blog post. I had to take a math and English placement test for school, which was less than fun. Passed English with flying colours. Math, not so much. Work started back up yesterday. Family party Tuesday. We're Dutch. We're loud. Stressful week.

Here's hoping the hike will release some of this stress.

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