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Thursday, February 6, 2020


The wonder that is social media...

Some of you may remember that, after I returned from the UK in September 2018, I lost some of my hearing. It’s progressive nerve damage that could take 50%-70%, depending on which doctor you ask. I have hearing aids, but believe me when I say they are no substitute for actual hearing.

A couple weeks ago, I stopped in at my local Deaf center to find out when ASL classes are. The woman up front was deaf (duh!). I’m sure my very limited sign skills are a joke around the office, but I did manage to understand that classes are full until this Fall.

Not being able to hear as well has put me in a space where I’m basically alone. When I’m in a restaurant, or trying to talk to more than one person, it’s near impossible to catch everything. It feels like when you go to a foreign country and have no idea what the locals are saying. You’re outside, looking in. It’s very isolating.

I found a group on Facebook for deaf and hard of hearing (HOH), and oh my wow... They’ve got so many helpful hints and ways to deal with what’s happening! Books, tips, understanding. It’s like a whole new world has opened up!

I’m usually not a supporter of social media. It creates too many problems. This, however, is a great use of it. Creating groups where people can connect with similar people with similar experiences. A+

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  1. That’s such great news!!! I am happy for you to find such a supportive group.