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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A letter to a kid

Today, in therapy, my therapist had me talk to an empty chair. Why? Because it wasn't empty. Things from my past were there and I could say anything I wanted to them, but never could. My bully and Bryan. I couldn't shut up when it was the bully, but I couldn't find words for Bryan. I finally did.

Dear Bryan,

You're such a great kid. You're kind, friendly, and helpful. You're a friend to everyone in the class.

I wish I could say more than that. I can honestly not remember the last time I talked to you or even saw you because we were so young when you were taken from us.

One thing I won't ever forget is the day we found out. My mom walked me to school, just like any other Monday, but when we got there, we knew it was no ordinary day. Two girls, a year older than we were, came up to my mom and me and almost sounded as if they were laughing while saying, "Bryan's dead." After that, my mom and I went into the classroom where our teacher was sitting on her desk, crying. You wanna hear something weird, Bryan? That year was her first year teaching there, and she was 27. You'd be 27, almost 28 now. But that amazing teacher who wept for you is up there now. Can you find her and thank her for me? She was a great teacher.

In just your ten short years, you left a hole bigger than you may have realized. There was a hole in the class that eventually got filled, but the hole you left in our hearts, well, that's something that will never heal.

I hope you know we still think about you.


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  1. I do remember clearly that day. I also remember the day they made/unvielded the portrait of him. I don't remember being close to him... but I do remember him being kind to everyone. Such a sad day that affected so many.