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Friday, March 20, 2015


When did this happen?

Lately, when I'm attempting the whole "small talk" concept, it's a vocal vomit of negativity. When someone asks the ever elusive, "how are you" question that we all know nobody really wants the answer to, the only response I can come up with is, "alive." Wait, back track... Sometimes I manage a less-than-enthusiastic groan.

I've always been crap at small talk, but this is pathetic. The custodian at the school I work at tries to talk to me, but everything out of my mouth is a sarcastic dig at whatever's going on at the moment. He just kind of laughs it off and goes on with his duties. Every time we "talk," I just turn the corner and face-palm myself. If I can't even talk to a kid six years younger than I am who I have no interest in other than friendship, how am I going to do this whole "dating" thing?

I don't see anything wrong with saying something along the lines of "I'm good, thanks," but it's neither true, nor the first thing to my mind. Right now, I'm sick. I've got a pretty nasty allergy attack that has kept me propped up with pillows, Netflix, and three boxes of tissues by my side. See? complaining even in type. I'm pathetic!

Ok, I need some positivity so...
  • Today is a beautiful day, and it's been beautiful all week!
  • It's spring!
  • I saw a happy puppy sticking his head out the car window!
  • A super cute lady I know named Rose was wearing a shirt with roses on it today!
  • My hair looks freakishly good today (shallow, I know, but still)! Look!
  • I've got the UK, Batman, and Doctor Who all in one picture!!!
  • Best news of all that I forgot to share with y'all last week...
I finally got Medicaid approved!

For the first time in over two years, I can see REAL doctors! Side note: The NHS is desperately needed in the US.

Anyway, here's an upbeat song to end this...

"Midnight Memories"~ One Direction

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