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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Too Tired For Titles


Ok, so, last Sunday, my mom, sister, and I went to the opera. Yes, really. It was a packed house and my seat was the fourth one in from the aisle. So, not only were there way too many people around, but I was trapped. Side note: the rows of seats were also super close together. Even crossing my legs was out of the question!

After having to endure all those people, we decided to go to dinner afterward. Now, my sister and I can never agree on places to eat. I didn't really feel like arguing this time and gave in when she suggested her favorite Italian restaurant that I really just don't like. I should have argued. This place was completely packed! There were people running around, kids screaming, and apathetic adults allowing the kids to scream while they shout to be heard. Side note: if you're going to allow your kid to be a brat, don't bring them out in public. Yes, kids are kids, but there's a limit.

After a day that stressful, I knew I wouldn't sleep much, but I haven't slept in two nights now. I'm going mad! I'm so tired, but I can't sleep! My dad went to two stores last night hunting down some natural sleep aids that my sister recommended, and they didn't work!

The worst part: the vicious circle. I'm annoyed that I can't sleep, so my mind runs and my blood pressure rises so it makes it harder to sleep.

Oh well... Here's the song that was running through my head all... freaking... night.

"Come On Eileen"~ Dexy's Midnight Runners

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