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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just Another Figure


My blog may suffer for the next few weeks or so. I had to carry an overly dramatic eight-year-old boy and that busted my arm. Naturally, the one I actually use. Let's see how long it takes to type this with the four fingers that actually work...

I realized yesterday that I have a serious issue with criticism. Any kind. It's like, any time someone tells me something I'm doing wrong, my anxiety hits the roof and I suddenly can't think of the meanings of words or remember how to walk.

 Fun example: apparently, my phone was too loud for just one of the five people in the vicinity, so princess told (not asked) me to turn it down. I had adjusted the volume about an hour before but couldn't remember how to right then.

I've always felt that I don't do things right. Everything I do or say just seems to be wrong somehow. I mean, I know that nobody can do everything wrong, but it sure feels that way sometimes. I'm convinced that it goes back to school and that (insert demeaning expletive here). But then, it's easy to blame so much on something that caused so much damage.

I've watched an entire episode Gilmore Girls while typing. That's almost 45 minutes. I'm not left-handed and it's doing most of the work. It's tired, so I'm done today.

"Strong Enough To Break"~ Hanson

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