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Monday, January 19, 2015

&$@* &$@ &$#@&

It had to be said.

I am painfully blunt at times. Those times are generally when someone is being, let's face it, stupid or careless. I've never been an optimist or a pessimist; I'm a realist. I don't see the best or worst outcome, I see things how they are (unless it has to do with me, but that's another story).

It does take me awhile to get annoyed enough to actually say what I think. Good thing, right? Wrong. By that point, I'm so beyond annoyed that it comes out like a slap in the face. This, as you can imagine, people don't really appreciate. But seriously, who wants to hear that they're narcissistic or that their kid is a brat, even in the nicest of tones?

But the really funny thing about all this bluntness is that I can't say, oh so very many things. These things contain, but are not limited to:
* I love you
*Thank you (when applied to a compliment)
I can obviously type these, but actually saying them... no.

Side note: I got a new shirt over the weekend forgetting that I've gained 5 lbs. It's bugging me, so you get to hear about it.

Well, once again, I come to a close with an entirely unlinked song running through my head (mostly because it's playing now, but still). Ok, maybe it has merit...

Just Give Me A Reason~ P!nk

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