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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Socially inept


This morning, I went to the dentist because my teeth suck and I'm about ready to rip them out. Well, it was really just one tooth, but it really hurt! I was there for about an hour while he took x-rays and checked to see if it was a simple fix (it was!). This normally doesn't bother me, but this is a dental school and there are loads of people there! I don't do social very well.

After the dentist, I stopped to say hi to my sister for a minute before heading home to fill out an application for a second part-time job (grammatically correct run-on sentence #3). I went to drop it off and had every intention of going to work after, but my brain had other ideas.

That much social exposure is never a good thing for me. I always try to fight it, but I always wind up overloaded and unable to function. See, in my head, I'm a social butterfly who is the life of the party. Actuality is a whole other story. I'm really just the girl who sits in the back, keeps her mouth shut, and wishes she had stayed home. I don't know why I do this to myself. I know I shouldn't do something, but I want to believe I'm just like everyone else who can do it.

I daydream. A lot. I like thinking about how things would be if my brain could handle more social situations. I mean, as much as I like denying it, I'm quite clever and quick witted, but hardly anyone knows because I can't talk like normal when there are loads of people around. Even if there are just a few, unfamiliar people I can't do much. It's like my brain says "ALERT! ALERT! Too many people! Retreat! RETREAT!"

Times like this are when I need Nick Santino. So here's one of my favorites.

"Back to Where I'm From"~ Nick Santino

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