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Thursday, January 8, 2015

ur adorbs

This is why my teeth suck...

Ever have one of those days where you literally clench or grind your teeth out of frustration? Well that was my day today. I have two kids I work with that test my patience every day, but today, it's like they joined forces to see just how much I can take. Exactly how much can I take? I left early. That's how much. Only 10 minutes, but I was seriously going to punch one of those little (insert plural expletive).

So, after I left, I went to my happy place, often referred to as a "library" to just check out the new building (well... newish). I decided that, while I was there, I'd check and see if they had a copy of the DSM-V (that's a 5, not just a v). Not one single person there had even heard of it. To further my frustration, one person couldn't quite grasp the concept that, just because it has a 5, doesn't mean it's the version that came out in 2015. So no, the 4th edition did not come out in 2014.

You know what? While I'm in the mood to rant, I'm going to rant about my biggest pet peeve: grammar!

I have recently made a Twitter for my blog, and so far, I've gotten a great response! But the internet in general is full of idiots who shouldn't have been released from 1st grade! "Tryna" is not a word. I believe what you're looking for is "trying to." Not to mention, when you say "stand up for child abuse," you are, in fact, condoning the act. Not condemning it. Punctuation is a thing. I promise. And when are people going to realize that when they say, "That's frills, totes adorbs," they sound like complete morons? And friends, U, R, C, and B are letters, not words.

I'm not a Grammar Nazi, but I'm definitely on the Grammar Police squad. We all make mistakes. Fact of life. I can't, however, bypass a blatant disregard for the English language.

Now that my teeth are completely ground down...

Word Crimes~ "Weird" Al Yankovic

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