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Friday, January 2, 2015

As December Falls... Again

One. Two.

I had just one friend share my last post. Just that one meant the world to me. Thanks. I know there are quite a few of my friends and family who read every post faithfully, some just like what I have to say, others say it's educational, but think about it... if it's educational to you, don't you think that maybe, just maybe, someone else may as well? Grammatically correct run on sentence #2. Just a thought. And I got two viewers from Australia (I actually had to spell-check that... genius)! That's a first! Welcome, mates!

SO! Happy freaking new year! There are a lot of things that come along with January 1st (one of my best friend's birthday, for one), and they all suck, if you ask me. Here's why...

"New year, new you!"~ Ok... why do I need a new me and why can't I decide to change the things I don't like in June? I am a work in progress and I refuse to try to make it faster just because the number on my calendar changed.

"What's your New Year's resolution?"~ I've tried these before. Lose weight, eat healthier, they never come to be. So this year, I've decided that I'm going to read two whole books. Yep. That's it. Setting a resolution simply sets you up for failure.

"50% off clearance!"~ Might as well take my house and car now. Who's with me?

But one good thing about a new year, I was introduced to some new music! This band followed me on Twitter, and I'm glad they did! I had never heard of them and I really like them! Their name is As December Falls, and their whole album is great! Check it out on YouTube!

"A Home Inside Your Head"~ As December Falls

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