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Monday, February 23, 2015

50 Shades Of Purple

It's Monday...

Ever have one of those mornings where you just know the whole day is going to suck? Sometimes it gets better, sometimes it gets worse. Today was definitely a "gets worse" kind of day.

Why was it so bad? Well, To start with, I didn't sleep very well last night, which we all know makes for a hard day anyway. When I got up an hour before my alarm, I got so light-headed in the shower that I nearly fell over. Yes, it's a hilarious image to think of, but not too fun in actuality. Then, getting ready for work, my stomach decided that it didn't like what I had for breakfast (I'll spare you that image). That made me run late, and in my rush, I managed to burn part of my hair with my flat iron, trip and fall into my bed (lovely shade of purple now), and forget my watch, hat, and water bottle.

Things didn't get much (if any) better at work. It's super windy today, which makes it only about 20F outside (that's -7C for the rest of the world). When it's that cold, we keep the kids inside during recess. Easier, right? Oh so very many shades of wrong! Imagine for a minute... 30 kids in a classroom, no teacher (because she's at lunch), and allowed to play games. I think Dante may have forgotten to mention this circle of Hell.

Side note: Because of the noise and total lack of space, this sends my anxiety off the charts. I had to leave early.

I went to the library after, and as I was down looking at the bottom shelf, I got light-headed again and fell backward... right into the edge of the shelf behind. I haven't looked yet, but I bet it, too is a lovely shade of purple.

After that, I came home and turned on my Hanson playlist. I really shouldn't have gotten out of bed today...

Here's my favorite Hanson song of all-time.

"Georgia"~ Hanson

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